If the US military use this barbed wire then you know it’s safe

In this day and age, how could it not be? Pretty much all US military bases around the country will have some form of barbed wire fencing surrounding strategic areas of its base. This will include large tracts of isolated land that is used for practicing military maneuvers and even for the testing of new weaponry that will always be dangerous to the public. Thinking of isolated land, you can also include those areas that have been closed to the public due to contamination (for obvious reasons).

If military centers, strategic or solely administrative, around the world see fit to rely on barbed wire fencing systems to protect their interests then you should know that such security mechanisms are safe. Using a barbed wire machine to produce most wired fencing systems, the technological processes are safe as well. The end result brings safety to the user as well. This is necessary when you consider opening and closing and monitoring processes that are linked to the fencing system.

If the US military use barbed wire, then you can be pretty sure that most law enforcement agencies around the country are using it as well. This will include your municipal law enforcement agencies’ command centers and your local sheriff’s office, depending on its size too, of course. But the argument could also be made that just because it is a one horse town, if you will, that only needs the use of one patrolman, does not mean that fencing can be discarded.

In this day and age, how could anyone in a position of responsibility, securing other people’s lives, not exclude such safety mechanisms? And just how on earth’s name are you going to make sure that the lonely offender in the one horse town does not escape.